Salmon pieces – 1.5lb Bag

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Our wild-caught Salmon Pieces are a great seafood option to include in a well-rounded raw diet. Salmon is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which help to keep your pet’s coats shiny and immune systems healthy. These fatty acids also support brain development in puppies. Salmon is also a good source of Vitamin D. These salmon fillets are boneless and skinless. Not meant to be served as a full meal replacement. Suitable for both dogs and cats. Available in 1.5-pound packs

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Ingredient Statement: Salmon fillets.

Allergen: Contains Fish

Product Info:

  • Available in the 1.5 lb. bag.
  • Boneless skinless pink salmon (may have a small amount of skin attached).
  • Undergoes Individual Quick Freezing (IQF).
  • For supplemental feeding only.


  • Salmon is a fatty fish that provides a natural source of vitamin D, an essential nutrient that helps to sustain and balance calcium and phosphorus in the body.
  • Can be supplemented into meals to decrease overall bone content.
  • Enrich your pet’s bowl with our salmon chunks!

Resources: DVM360.

Handling Instructions: Keep frozen. Defrost roll in the refrigerator and feed within 48 hours. Store excess in an air-tight container and keep refrigerated. Do not keep refrigerated for more than 48 hours.

5 reviews for Salmon pieces – 1.5lb Bag

  1. Lauren (verified owner)

    My dog always picks these out of his bowl first. My kitty as eats the opposite way, saving the best for laat

  2. Terabyte (verified owner)

    My pup loves these. I have a 6 month Cane Corso and this bag lasted him about a month.

  3. Chloe Neff (verified owner)

    My Dal and blue heeler love the Salmon pieces. Definitely one of their favorites!

  4. Brittany Jackson (verified owner)

    My boys absolutely love these salmon pieces! Great quality.

  5. Bianca (verified owner)

    Great quality for such a good price!

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