Prey Model Box – 2lb rolls


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Try our handpicked Prey Model Box!

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What’s in Your Box?

4 x Beef PMR 2lb roll

4 x Chicken PMR 2lb roll

4 x Duck PMR 2lb roll

4 x Pork PMR 2lb roll

4 x Turkey PMR 2lb roll

How to Calculate Daily Feeding Amount

For adult dogs (2 years and older), feed 2.5% of their current body weight.

For puppies, please refer to our Raw Feeding Puppy Chart HERE for guidance.

Getting Started

Open your box and put food into freezer. Leave roll(s) for next meal in fridge over night to defrost. Once roll(s) are defrosted, portion meal & serve within 48 hrs or 2 days.

About the Prey Model Box

The Prey Model Box includes a variety of proteins, which can be fed in any order the raw feeder selects.

A Prey Model Raw diet includes no dairy or plant ingredients. Our PMR grinds contain minimal ingredients: muscle meat, bone, and organs only!

Rotating between 3-5 proteins will produce optimal health benefits as you are providing an array of nutrients sourced from different muscle meats, bones, and organs.  

Our PMR grinds are DIY-friendly and should be paired with other whole foods or supplements such as sardines, tripe, and fur.

One PMR roll contains 15% organ meat, which is 5% more than its HVM counterpart. It is best to proceed with caution when adding more organs to these blends. The PMR grinds are for supplemental feeding only.

Pro Tips:

1. Rotate between proteins throughout the week.

2. Purchase a kitchen scale to portion daily meals.

3. Include treats and Supplements into the total daily feeding amount.


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