Build-A-Box – 2lb Rolls

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Beef HVM

Beef PMR (Contains Bone)

Beef with Tripe and organ meat

Beef with Tripe PMR (contains bone)

Green Tripe Ground

Chicken HVM

Chicken PMR

Ground Boneless Chicken

Duck HVM

Duck PMR

Lamb HVM

Lamb PMR

Pork HVM

Pork PMR

Boneless Pork Ground

Whole Ground Rabbit with Fur

Ground Salmon

Turkey HVM

Turkey PMR

Boneless Ground Koch Turkey

Turkey Necks ground

Pork Heart Ground


Build a box by mixing and matching your favorite 2lb rolls. You must select 20 items. Each box will total 40 lbs.

Disclaimer: Free shipping is valid for zone 1 and 2 only.

5 reviews for Build-A-Box – 2lb Rolls

  1. Ashley Bonick (verified owner)

    I love these build a box options! I do wish there were more things that could be added though, but if I want to quickly order, this is what I do.

    • zachary

      HI Ashley Bonick! Thank you for the review of our Build-A-Box. What options will you like to have available to make our box more appealing?

  2. Alivia Young (verified owner)

    I really like this build a box option! Plenty to choose from allowing me to mix up meals for my boys!

  3. kristysalvadore (verified owner)

    I love the Build a Box option. The 2lb chubs are the perfect size for each meal (I’m feeding 5 dogs). Also love that I can pick different proteins. My pups can have Pork for breakfast & Turkey for dinner. The next day can be completely different! Pups love the options and are always super excited when it comes to meal times.

  4. Sandy (verified owner)

    I love the Build a Box option to purchase my dogs favorite foods. I live nearby so having free shipping couldn’t be better. It would be nice to have all the 2 lb sale items available for the bundle though. Ground Pork Heart is on sale, but not part of the bundle.

  5. Colin Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    Very convenient bundle.

    The 2lb chubs are easier to defrost and store than the 5lb ones.

    Shipping and packaging has never been an issue. Even if I don’t get a chance to bring the box in right away they dry ice/insulation keeps the food frozen for hours.

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