Pork Neck Bones

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3 reviews for Pork Neck Bones

  1. ck1srg2 (verified owner)

    I used these to add to my bone broth. The broth turned out great! Thank you tqdf for having a great rmb selection to choose from.

  2. Ellen (verified owner)

    Wow, these are really big! My pup is 45 lb. and not an aggressive chewer so I’m always looking for smaller cuts for him. I had them split, thinking they’d be similar to ribs, but he’s not going to be able to eat these–they’re basically just a huge bone with a little meat on them, and even though I can wield a meat cleaver like Conan the Barbarian, these easily withstand my whacking on them. Perhaps I’ll do what the other reviewer did and make bone broth.
    Nothing wrong with them, they’d be great for large dogs, but for a 45 lb.-pup, they’re way too big.

    If only we could get the absolutely perfect pork tails back!! : (

  3. darnchts (verified owner)

    I love these bones for my dogs. I pick out the bigger pieces for my hundred pound guy while using the smaller ones for the 45 pound little girl. There is plenty of meat left on them while allowing my dogs to chew a bone which keeps them teeth nice and shiny. It is a goodbprice at $53.00 for 30 pounds too. My dogs both look forward to these as I give them just as I sneak out to go to work which keeps them occupied so my leaving is less stressful.

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