Bovine brain food for dogs


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Warning: For use in dogs only. Not for human consumption.

Four Leaf Rover® Brain Food provides your dog with a highly nutritious serving of Bovine Brain from the brains of grass-fed calves in New Zealand.

The freeze-dried process helps retain heat-sensitive essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for a nutritious end product.

The bovine brain comes from grass-fed calves sourced in New Zealand … where animals live in clean air and safe and robust pastures with world-leading biosecurity systems. We do not source our brain from Argentina as it’s the world’s largest user of glyphosate (Roundup).

NOTE: There has never been a case of mad cow disease (BSE) in New Zealand. The country practices national surveillance.

Pesticides, hormones, and GMOs free.

Four Leaf Rover® Brain Food offers a wider range of healthy organs and glandular for your dog.


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