Ordering Information

We have a few options for how you can get your order. If you live near our warehouse (or passing through our area) you are welcome to pick up from our facility. The other two options are home delivery using UPS and FedEx and meeting our refrigerated fleet on at on of our delivery points.

Pick Up at Facility

Customers are welcome to come to our facility located in Hyattsville, MD to pick up orders. Our hours of operation are Monday — Friday 8:00 am — 4:30 pm. If you need special pick up hours please contact customerservice@topqualitydogfood.com and let them know you need more of a window for picking up. We can be flexible up to an hour before or after operating hours as long as we are given a 48-hour notice for scheduling. Even though time slot appointments are not required, they do help. In the comments field of the checkout page, feel free to drop a note of what time you are thinking about picking up. We ask for 24 business hours to get orders assembled. In some cases, we can do same-day pick up. We just need the order in before 9:00 am.

Home Delivery via UPS

There is no ordering deadline for home delivery via UPS. We just ask that you give us at least 24 business hours to get your order processed for shipping. In some cases, we can get an order out the same day if it is received before 10:00 am EDT. However, please keep in mind that we only ship Monday and Tuesday. If you are within a 200-mile radius of our warehouse we can ship your order on a Wednesday.

When selecting your items for shipping, keep in mind, whole (prey model) products take more space in our shipping coolers. Generally speaking, we can put 40 pounds of a whole (prey model) products in one of our coolers. If you are interested in more, your order will require multiple cases. For ground products, we can fit 60 pounds in each cooler—twelve 5-pound rolls, thirty 2-pound rolls, and sixty 1-pound rolls.

At the checkout page, please make sure you select UPS as your shipping method by clicking on the blue box labeled “Click if you want these items shipped”. This will switch the checkout page to the UPS delivery system compared to the default pick up location system. Keep in mind, ALL UPS orders MUST be paid on the checkout page or we cannot ship the order. We will not accept check payments for UPS orders.

Delivery Points

All orders need to be submitted 10 days prior to your expected delivery date—CLICK HERE to view our delivery calendar. If an order is submitted past the ordering deadline it risks not being fulfilled for the needed delivery. If for some reason you are having issues placing an order, please email us before the deadline so we can extend the deadline or figure a solution to ensure you get an order. The best email to reach us is customerservice@topqualitydogfood.com.