How Does Delivery Work?

Home Delivery with UPS.

We can ship anywhere within the continental US. We use shipping coolers with added insulated liners and gel packs to keep the product frozen during transit. Each cooler can hold 40-pounds. It is best to place orders in 40 pound increments for the most efficient shipping.

To choose home delivery, on the checkout page, click on “Click Here If You Want This Product Shipped”. You can locate this under the delivery schedule selection. There are three options with UPS: Ground Service, 3-Day, and Next Day Air. There is no flat rate with UPS shipping. All UPS shipping rates are weight-based, and all shipping charges are transferred to the customer. To ship UPS all orders must be paid online via the checkout page. If you select check payment for UPS shipping your shipment may be delayed as we figure the billing details.

Please Note: we only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. We will only ship on Wednesdays for customers who are within a 200-mile radius of our warehouse.

Meeting Us at Our Delivery Points.

Our deliveries take place on the weekend and are always at our preset locations and times. We are typically at each stop for about 10 minutes. We cannot stay at each location for long as our delivery schedule is tight, and we do not want to create a blockage for others in the area of our meeting spots. You can find these locations by CLICKING HERE.

At the delivery point, our driver will first collect payments. If you prepaid by card you do not need to check-in with our driver. You are able to grab your order as soon as your name is called. We accept check and credit/debit card payments. If you are paying by check, please place invoice number on memo field. We will not accept cash payments. All payments must be made by cc on the checkout page or by check at pick up. If payments are not made prior or during your pick up, we will not transfer the order. If you originally selected check payment on checkout but need to pay by card, please contact us at (240) 293-3211 prior to pick up. Give us your name and invoice number for faster processing. Keep in mind, we prefer all order to be prepaid via our checkout page. Prepaid orders making delivery more efficient.

After payments are collected the driver will start to unload the pallet(s). As the driver unloads each pallet he/she will announce the name of each box. Please listen for your name to be called. Once your name is called the driver will load your vehicle with your order. Please pay attention to the labels on the box. Each case is labeled with the customer name, location, and the number of cases being received. If your label says 1 Cs that means you are getting one case. If it says 1 of 4 that means you are getting four cases and that box is one of the four being received. We love your help with taking your cases to your vehicle, but we will always do our best to personally hand each case to your vehicle. J

Please contact us at with all questions and comments. Due to our tight schedules, the drivers do not have much time to answer all questions and comments about billing or products.


Parcel delays are expected late November through December. Please make sure you get your orders in early to ensure you have food for the Holidays.