Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay by Cash or Check?

Yes, you can still pay by cash and check at time of pick up

Do I really have to mail a check in before my order is processed?

No. You do not have to mail a check in. Please bring it on time of your pickup.

Do you have an ordering cut off Date?

Yes. Our cut off date for new orders is the Sunday before your delivery Date.  For those who want to pick up at our facility please give us a 24 hour notice.

How does the online payment work?

We sell our products by the weight. The way our payment system works is similar to how the gas station operates with credit cards, we will place a hold on your cards account. This hold will allow for us to weigh the product and charge your account the correct amount. After you are billed the form of payment will be charged within 2-3 business days.

Why am I receiving a bill after I have paid online when I placed my order?

This is your finalized invoice. If you selected to pay by card we will adjust the amount. No need to re-enter payment

Will you ship products to our home?

Yes, we use UPS as our shipper. We recommend ordering 60 pounds of product because we get the best deal on packages under 70 pounds. Keep in mind, ALL shipping costs will be transferred to the customer.

Do you use shipping coolers when shipping orders?

No. We do not ship enough volume to get shipping coolers at a reasonable price. Instead we use insulated film liners that line the inside of the case with two large ice packs. The film and ice packs will ensure the products frozenness up to 48 hours.

Can I refreeze the meat after it has thawed out?

Yes. You can place any thawed products back in your freezer to refreeze and save for a later date. However, we do not recommend thawing and refreezing the product frequently. If you thawed to much and need to reserve the excess it is safe to refreeze thawed meat.

I received my product and some of the rolls are slightly thawed. Is this still safe to feed?

Yes. If you receive a roll(s) that are thawed, you can still feed the thawed product(s). All products are kept in a temperature controlled environment.

Are you interested in finding a distributor?

We are very interested in finding reliable distributors. If you are a distributor and are interested in our products please contact

Will you manufacture a private label?
Yes we will. If you need more information please contact us at