Local Pick-up

Local Pick-up

We have a refrigerated delivery fleet that transports pre-ordered food to preset locations and times. Our fleet maintains a cargo area temperature of 0 – degrees Fahrenheit to ensure the products’ safety during transport. Please click here to view our delivery schedule. Our local pick-ups are not a storefront. When you use this delivery option, you are meeting one of our delivery trucks at a location. These locations are usually an open parking lot, commuter lot, or a small business that we have an arrangement with. Please understand your pick-up location, if it is in front of a business, that business does not have any connection with us other than using their parking lot.

Each delivery takes place on a Saturday. Each Saturday is for a specific delivery route – we are not at each location every Saturday. We usually arrive 15 minutes before the delivery time, and our trucks leave 10 minutes after the delivery time. For example: if the delivery time is preset for 1:00 pm, our drivers usually arrive at 12:45 pm and leave that location at 1:10 pm. We do not stay longer than 10 minutes after the designated time.

Pick Up Process

We recommend arriving at your pick-up location 15 minutes early. We prefer that you remain in your car. If you must get out of the vehicle, please wear a mask. Please CLICK HERE for more information on our COVID-19 pick-up protocol.

Our drivers will approach you to get your name so they can pull your order off the pallet. Once they have your name, they will get your order and load your vehicle. If you placed multiple orders, please let the driver know. Otherwise, your second order may get overlooked since we don’t pack multiple orders in the same case. Once you are loaded, we ask that you move your car away from the pick-up area; this keeps the site clear of unneeded traffic so our staff can safely load vehicles.

If you are wearing your mask and getting out to help our staff load your vehicle, please pay attention to the box’s labels. Each case is labeled with the customer name, location, and the number of cases being received. If your label says 1 Cs, that means you are getting one case. If it says 1 of 4, that means you are getting four cases, and that box is one of the four being received. We love having your help but ask that you only help with your order.

Please contact us at customerservice@topqualitydogfood.com with all questions and comments. Due to our tight schedules, the drivers do not have much time to answer all questions and comments about billing or products.

Late to a pick-up

Our drivers will not wait past the 10 minutes since they have other delivery locations and will not leave an order behind for you to pick up. If you are running late, please contact customerservice@topqualitydogfood.com. We will do our best to make accommodations, but please keep in mind that you will make the truck late to its other delivery points if you are late for a pick-up and must wait for you. We strongly encourage arriving 15 minutes before your pick-up time to ensure a seamless handoff.

If you missed your pick-up, please contact customerservice@topqualitydogfood.com. We can ship the order to you with a shipping fee, reschedule the delivery, or cancel the order with a cancellation fee.

I can’t locate the truck.

Please call customer service immediately at 240-802-6601. We will help you locate our truck before it is too late and the driver has to leave.


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