Delivery Information

We have preset locations where a group of customers meet us. Our deliveries are always on the weekend and our schedule can be found by clicking here. Please note when reviewing our delivery schedule, you can click on your location for directions, to save to your personal calendar for reminders, and see the details about each location.

At the time of pick up, we ask for your patience as we break down each pallet and bring each case to your vehicle. We are typically at each location for approximately 10 minutes, this process can be fairly quick. We recommend that customers do a brief review of their order before leaving. This way, if there are any issues, you can go over them with our driver. Our drivers are very knowledgeable and willing to help! You can view the states we deliver to below.

Delivery Schedule

CLICK HERE to view our delivery calendar for dates, times and locations

Home Delivery

We ship via FedEx and UPS.  We do not ship internationally. Shipping rates are weight-based with the best rates for 40-pounds of product.





  • Mt. Carmel Click Here for directions. We meet in the parking lot the park and ride.
  • Friel’s Lumber. Click Here for direction. We meet in the parking lot. This location is a tag along of our northern route and does not have a set time. Times can vary from 12:00pm — 6:30pm, depending on when the truck starts trip north.


New Hampshire

New Jersey


Rhode Island