Delivery Information

Orders can be delivered to one of our Local Pickups or shipped to your home via UPS.

Local Pickup

We have preset locations or Local Pickup where customers meet us. We deliver Local Pickup on weekends only. Our schedule can be found HERE. Please note, you have the option to save to your personal calendar for reminders. Each location includes an address, google map directions, and a description on where to meet.

At the time of pick up, we ask for your patience as we break down each pallet and bring each case to your vehicle. Each stop lasts approximately 10 minutes. This is a fairly quick process. We recommend that customers do a brief review of their order before leaving. This way, if there are any issues, you can go over them with our driver. Our drivers are very knowledgeable and willing to help! You can view a map of our shipping zones below.

CLICK HERE to view our Delivery Route Schedule for dates, times, and locations.

Home Delivery

We ship via UPS.  Zones 1 and 2 are on a flat rate shipping fee. All other zones pay our discounted rates with UPS. We do not ship internationally. Each cooler can hold a maximum weight of 40-pounds. Each UPS order placed has a minimum of 12-pounds and a maximum of 80-pounds. If you need more than 80-pounds shipped you will have to place multiple orders.

Zone 1 rate is $20.00

Zone 2 rate is $30.00


Parcel delays are expected late November through December. Please make sure you get your orders in early to ensure you have food for the Holidays.