We recommend arriving 10 to 15 minutes early for your pick-up. Our delivery team is usually 15-minutes early for each pick-up. The extra time allows us to organize and disburse each order from the pallet. We will continue to make updates to this page as state and federal restrictions change. We recommend visiting this page for the most up-to-date COVID pick-up protocol.

The delivery truck will leave 10-minutes after the pick-up time. We will not be calling customers, waiting for 15-20 minutes, or leaving cases behind. We must do this to ensure we arrive on time to our next stops. Waiting the extra 15 minutes will delay our route for others, so you must arrive before your pick-up time since your tardiness can negatively affect our schedule.

Please park your vehicle near our delivery truck. Once you park, please put your mask on and exit the vehicle to tell the delivery team your name. Once our team has your name, please wait while they locate your order. When your order is found, they will give you your cases to bring your order to your car. If you have multiple cases or if the case is too heavy to carry, our team will assist in loading your car. While waiting for your name to be called, it would be best if you remained to remain 6-feet apart from other customers. To help control the crowd and service, we recommend letting 5 customers at a time.

If you are at a pick-up before others and their name is called, please do not get upset. Our pallets are built in a way that heavy orders are at the bottom, so if you have a larger order, your order may be at the bottom of the pallet. For efficient distribution, please allow our team time to access your cases. It takes about 10-minutes to break down and distribute each location – we just ask for your patience while our team works hard at getting orders out.

If you are sick, stay home! We can ship your order via UPS the following week. Our drivers have been told not to help those who are showing signs of sickness. If you are sick or think you may be sick and come to pick up, you are putting others at risk. BE SMART, STAY HOME!

Do not gather in groups and keep your distance from others.


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