About Us

We are a family owned and operated raw pet food manufacturer and distributor located in Hyattsville, Maryland. We produce all of our products using human grade meats, organs, fruits, and vegetables without the use of fillers, grains, gluten, nitrates, preservatives and anything else that is not whole raw meat, organs, fruits, and vegetables. We do not add any minerals or vitamins to our products either. We strongly believe using whole raw ingredients our fur babies will be supplied with the proper nutrients without needing to add artificial vitamins and minerals.

How We Started

Peter Beukers started making his own raw diet for his two fur babies, Pece and Tawney (pictured in our logo), out of the necessity of better nutrition than what was being offered commercially. Only using human grade meats, organs, fruits and vegetables Peter came up with the Healthy Variety Mix meals for his two fur babies. One day, while visiting his vet, Peter was approached by a concerned pet owner about the health of his two fur babies. She was amazed with their coats, teeth, and definition. She approached Peter later on about making a ground meat mix for their ailing dog and he agreed to share his homemade meals with her. The ailing dog’s health flourished and over time, through word of mouth, TQDF came to fruition.

With the help of his son, Zach, TQDF continues to provide human grade options for our fur babies across the United States with our delivery routes up the east coast, distributors in the Midwest and home delivery with UPS. To view our delivery information CLICK HERE.

Our Mission

Supplying on human grade meats, make high-quality pet food affordable!

Why Choose Top Quality Dog Food?

Our customers know we provide the best nutrition for their pets. There are no preservatives, grains, fillers or binders added to our meats. All of our meats come from USDA inspected and approved for human consumption sources. However, we certainly insist that all our products are purely for our four-legged, non-human friends.