About Us

TQDF was founded by Peter Beukers. Peter is a trained meat cutter from Nijmegen, Netherlands with over 40 years of experience in the meat industry. He started mastering raw pet diets out of the love for his two dogs, Pece and Tawney, who are pictured in our logo.

Peter established TQDF when he was approached by a concerned pet owner about making a ground meat mix for their ailing dog. He agreed as he saw his own two raw-fed fur babies thriving from the raw diets. The ailing dog's health increased and over time, through word of mouth, TQDF flourished.


Providing only human grade options, our goal is to make High quality raw pet food affordable!

Why Choose Top Quality Dog Food?

Our customers know we provide the best nutrition for their pets. There are no preservatives, grains, fillers or binders added to our meats. All of our meats come from USDA inspected and approved for human consumption sources. However, we certainly insist that all our products are purely for our four-legged, non-human friends.

With us, you and your fur-babies will receive high quality human grade meats, our best efforts and personalized care. If you need something special that we don't offer, ASK! We will do our best to get it, cut it, grind it; whatever it may need. We want to guide you as you enter the world of raw feeding and support you as you implement a regimen for your pet.

We look forward to serving you and your pets!