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We understand that for some, raw feeding can be intimidating. No need to stress. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you. Book a consultation today for guidance, pro tips, and more!

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We manufacture our products. This competitive advantage gives us complete control from start to finish and offers the highest quality food at a lower cost.


  • We started feeding our dogs raw years ago and Top Quality was who we were referred to. Every shipment has been perfect and on time, the rolls save us so much time that we get to spend with our pups, and the customer service is unmatched! If only every company cared about their customer base the way Top Quality does, there’d be a lot more happy consumers walking around. Thank you for helping us keep our dogs healthy and happy! Love, the mom of Winnie, Storm and Blue

    Raina C.
  • We've been ordering for our golden for years. High quality food that keeps our little one healthy and happy! It is a great small business, with fantastic customer support and care. We wouldn't order from anyone else!

    Laura M.
  • The pork is a big hit for our little pack, our kitty, in particular, loves the pork more than the beef even. The 2lb option is great for feeding our entire pets in one go that way I don’t have to save any for the next day or open another half roll. Thank you for the convenient roll size options TQDF!

    Jessica M.
  • My Dal and blue heeler love the Salmon pieces. Definitely one of their favorites!

    Chloe N.
  • We have used this food for many years for our Papillon show dogs. We started using it when we lived in NJ and are now delighted that they ship to us in Florida. Their food is consistently high quality and our Champions thrive on it.

    Sherrie P.
  • I recently switch my dobie to raw because his gut just could not adapt to kibble but after literally one meal of their turkey HVM he was good to go. Thank you! The process was effortless and I ordered it on a Thursday night and it was on my front porch Saturday morning. Highly recommend getting your dogs raw from TQDF!

    Dustin P.

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