We’re Here To Help With Your Raw Experience

We understand that for some, raw feeding can be intimidating. Here at Top Quality Dog Food, we like to stick to the basics—provide a variety, feed the way nature intended, and have fun doing it! And make it affordable!! We are always happy to help. For all inquiries please contact

We Deliver

We are a direct to consumer wholesale manufacturer. This keeps the cost as low as possible and the ingredients as fresh as possible. Your order can be delivered one of two ways:

  • Our refrigerated fleet delivery points or
  • Affordable flat Rate* home delivery.

View our posted delivery schedule for a delivery point near you.

Our Sourcing

As pet owners, we only want the best for our furry four-legged friends. This is why we only use the best. Our meats are never:

  • Denatured 3D (dying, diseased or down) or 4D (dead) meat
  • Have any charcoal added
  • Pasteurized either by heat or HPP (High-Pressure Pasteurization)
  • Preservatives, fillers, grains, premixes or anything synthetic added
Monthly Sale!

Parcel delays are expected late November through December. Please make sure you get your orders in early to ensure you have food for the Holidays.